"An incredible game!" 

     - A friend



"A touching story!"

     - Another friend

Solas, named after the Irish term for 'light', is a collaborative project created by UAL Games Design students and UAL Animation students. Solas is about a unique relationship between an ancient cave dweller and an orb of light. In this game, the player takes on the role of both characters, switching between the two at will in order to utilise their respective abilities for puzzle solving throughout the game. 

This game was created using Unity by myself and another student on my course (David McAlle), with myself mainly focusing on idea generationin-game mechanics, and level designs. The strong visuals for the game were created by three amazing animation students (Emily Smith, Mariana Leal, and Elena Ivanaj) who helped make Solas what it is. I feel very fortunate to have worked with this talented group of people. Everyone had their voice heard and I believe that we had an overall positive collaborative experience.


Fun fact: The assets used were created using paper, with the backgrounds being different layers of paper stacked on top of each other to give the illusion of depth!